Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer for Students at DTU

Do you already have some college credits? If so, they might apply towards a future degree. We accept college credits from many academic institutions.

At Daltown University, we make sure the credit transfer process is as smooth as possible. Credit transfer option helps you finish you degree faster. You can save your time and money by transferring credits from regionally accredited and internationally recognized universities and institutions. To recognize your previously earned credits and prior learning experience, we offer credit transfer options to students and professionals. As a matter of fact, students from all over the world bring in more than 50 percent credits from other recognized universities to further complete their studies at Daltown University.

  • College Credits

    Transfer the credits you received from accredited academic institutions, including educational institutions all over the world, to our University, so you don't have to take the same course twice. You can apply college credits toward degree programs, saving you both time and money, through our financial aid options.

  • Certified Experience

    Leverage the education you've already received from your employer by submitting a professional portfolio that details your trainings. The experience and learning you have gained from your training and certification during employment can be easily converted into college credits.

  • Work Experience

    Demonstrate knowledge you've gained from personal and professional experiences and how it directly applies to your learning and growth academically. We make sure that your work and life experience count towards helping you earn a degree.

Start the Process

If you wish to transfer your credits from another university to Daltown University, please contact our admission representative who will review your transcript and will help you apply for the credit transfer facility. Contact our student representatives at 1-844-361-7107 or start live chat

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