School of Computer Science

School of Computer Sciences

The School of Computer Science is at the intellectual forefront of the digital revolution that develops talented computer professionals in the 21st century. Whether the student is a current IT professional or an aspiring one, our online computer science school can help them advance in their career by offering a computer science degree in their chosen field of study.

At DTU, the students from our online computer science school are offered accredited online computer degree, diploma and certificate programs in 7 diversified majors that are designed around real-world experience and modern computer applications.

The School of Computer Science engages the services of an experienced and talented faculty comprising scholars, researchers, and professionals dedicated to both teaching and groundbreaking research. They blend academic theory with firsthand experience to enrich your learning experience and to broaden your perspectives on the latest issues and best practices.

At our School, we offer a unique educational opportunity for students to achieve excellence through well-designed online classes.

Majors in School of Computer Sciences

  • Computer Science
  • Network Management
  • Web Development
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Multimedia and Animation

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