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Supporting a Diverse Student Base

We are committed to help students refine and strengthen their academic skills necessary to achieve academic and
professional excellence at the online university.

Towards Academic Excellence

We are committed to help students refine and strengthen their academic skills necessary to achieve an academic
and professional excellence.


Alums Association

Why stop now, when you have just begun to realize your talent?

DTU University offers advanced level academic programs to help you take your academic and career opportunities to the next level.

The Perks of being a Cardinal

Being an accredited online university, DTU alums benefit from a worldwide network of alliances and social contacts.


Distinguished Professionals in their Fields

DTU faculty members are working professionals and distinguished leaders who are selected for their academic and industry credentials, enabling them to integrate their expertise into the online classroom.

The faculty at Daltown is committed to Daltown's unique, student-centric, competency-based approach that places the greatest emphasis on student learning. Because learning at Daltown is personalized, we do not use typical online classes that are dependent upon fixed schedules or group pacing. Instead, each student is guided and assisted through a personalized learning experience by faculty and staff serving in different capacities:

- Course Mentors
- Student Mentors
- Program Faculty

Meet our Global Faculty

Quest for On-going Conversations

Learn how DTU, its students and faculty are impacting higher education and engaging the world around them.
In addition, find valuable information about the latest happenings at DTU.

Latest News

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    Daltown University Experiences Increased Enrollment in Nursing Program
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  • 30th January, 2017
    Daltown University�s Student Services Making Student's Life Easier
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  • 3rd February, 2017
    Daltown University PLA program Extensively Meeting the Needs of Working Students
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