SCHOOL OF Natural Sciences

School of Natural Sciences

Over the years, the demand for scientists in the fields of physics, human health, environment, biology and chemistry, etc., has have increased tremendously. Given a better equivalent for these areas, our university offers diverse academic programs in environmental sciences, agricultural studies and health sciences.

Daltown School of Natural Sciences offers performing arts degree and non-degree programs is accredited that awards degrees, diplomas and certificates to students around the globe. You can choose from a wide range of majors; astronomy to bioengineering and genetics to marine ecology.

The faculty of our natural sciences school is committed to imparting quality education and makes every possible effort to provide individual and personalized attention to all our students. As our student, you too will be able to easily complete your specific program because of our easy- to- use online classrooms and 24/7 available academic advisors.

Daltown University's natural sciences degree, diploma and certificate programs offer lucrative career opportunities with an ever-growing demand for new graduates in the industry. The overall success rate of our graduates is more than 75%, with majority of them enjoying a quality life because of well-paid jobs.

With its accredited online natural sciences degree and non-degree programs, our online natural sciences school is proud to deliver an excellent education that offers a range of exciting career opportunities to students from around the world.

Majors in School of Natural Sciences

  • Biology
  • Chemistry

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