SCHOOL OF Health Sciences

School of Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences is committed to developing future healthcare professionals to be able to make discoveries to challenge practice and create change through innovation. To fulfill the aspiration, our online health science school offers diverse and comprehensive online health science degree programs for educational, scientific and human capital development.

Our aim of developing future healthcare professionals able to make discoveries to challenge practice and create change through innovation is achieved by our online health science degree and non-degree programs.

The outstanding faculty, administration, and staff collaborate to establish a culture of academic excellence and ensure that every student is able to access resources and navigate systems to be successful in their educational endeavors and professional development. Students offering outstanding performance are encouraged to pursue advanced studies.

Students of our health science school find opportunities in the expanding academic field of criminal justice to study real-world matters and use their knowledge to solve problems and assist communities locally and globally to enhance the quality of life and ensure justice.

Majors in School of Health Sciences

  • Nutritional and Health Sciences

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