Masters Degree

Accredited Online Master's Degree Programs

In today's competitive job market, a master degree is an important tool for an individual's career advancement. DTU, through its 16 schools, offers accredited online master degree program in 71 majors, enabling individuals to upgrade their knowledge, refine skills and progress academically and professionally.

At DTU, the online master degree programs are designed by leading academics and industry experts who have served the world's top institutions. Our talented and experienced faculty is dedicated to both teaching and ground-breaking research and takes a genuine interest in students' work. They blend academic theory with firsthand experience to enrich students' learning experience and to broaden their perspectives on the latest issues and best practices.

Master's Degrees at DTU

An DTU Master's Degree is typically completed over a 2-year span and provides flexibility and freedom of learning online. The wide variety of majors on offer allows students to pursue their education in a field of their choice.

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Accredited Online Master's Degree Programs

Eligibility Total Courses Total Credit Hours Program
Completion Time
Bachelor's Degree or equiv. international education 10 60 1 Year (Self-paced)

Below is the tuition fee for our bachelor degree programs:

Programs Total Courses Credit Hours Program Fee ($)
Master's Degree 10 60 $9000